Nina Essendrop and Jonathan Goldsmith

human experience

london 2018


immersive, poetic, physical, larp with an audience. 


about human experience


human experience:

a unique collaboration between artist nina runa essendrop and psychotherapist jonathan goldsmith

“Human Experience” is a physical, immersive larp about the sensations we get from movements, touch and senses.

This run of human experience is a unique iteration created by the space in-between, larp, art, crossmodalism, personal growth/transformation, experiential trance, hypnotherapy and the ability of play to help people connect and grow.

june 21st: a solstice larp 



"I always feel excited after having talked to Jonathan. He has a deep understanding of things that are important to me in my work and everyday life, such as the way senses, movement and surroundings influence our existence, and how identity and understanding of self is changeable. Jonathan has an amazing vocabulary to talk about these things, which often makes them clearer and more tangible to me. I am looking forward to learn from this collaboration and to further explore how to use movement and somatic experiences to understand ourselves, others and our surroundings in an immediate, profound and intuitive way."

-nina runa essendrop



"As a psychotherapist and facilitator I understand that power of using play and ritual in creating positive transformational experiences. I think there is an amazing potential for growth and transformation through melding the mediums of personal development, workshops, immersive art, games and theatre.

I met Nina in January 2018 when she was in London running ‘Human Experience’. I found her game to be incredibly moving and her process of getting people to connect through movement, touch and sense to be really powerful. Her work immediately resonated with my own work incorporating movement, somatic experiences and helping create connection within groups.

I’m delighted to be collaborating with her to create these unique events and find the process of working together on the design of these pieces; finding a common language and exploring things from her unique perspective to be an amazing journey that we are delighted to share with you"

-jonathan goldsmith


“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin